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TBM VERTEX Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Jember mempersembahkan:

Frontliners in Assessing and Managing Emergency Management
– Terakreditasi IDI- ?Pemateri & materi
1. Update on Diagnosis and Management of Acute Asthma in Children
Prof. Dr. dr. Chandra Kusuma, Sp.A (K)
2. Current Management of Acute Diarrhea in Children, Study on Emergency Aspect
dr. Andy Darma, Sp.A (K)
3. Update on Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock Management (Based on Guideline 2018)
Prof. Dr. dr. Eddy Rahardjo, Sp. An, KIC., KAO*
4. Diagnosis and Management of Traumatic Brain Injury Management
dr. Novan Krisno Adji, Sp.BS
5. Tetanus Management in Emergency Departement
dr. Komang Yunita Wiryaning Putri, Sp.S
6. Principles of Therapy for Multi-drug Resistance Tuberculosis
dr. Retna Dwi Puspitarini, Sp.P
7. Tips and Trick on Heart Failure Management in Primary Care
dr. Suryono, Sp.JP (K). FIHA. FAsCC ? 21 April 2019
? Edellweiss Ballroom, Cempaka Hotel
? 07.00 – selesai

(Early 16 Januari- 31 Maret 2019)
Dokter spesialis 400k
Dokter umum 350k
Mahasiswa dan Umum 175k (Late 1 April – 18 April 2019)
Dokter spesialis 415k
Dokter umum 365k
Mahasiswa dan Umum 180k (OTS 21 April 2019 – dengan konfirmasi)
Dokter spesialis 500k
Dokter umum 450k
Mahasiswa dan Umum 200k

Cp :
1. Madha : 085204951912 (sms, wa)
Id Line: madhaqt

Instagram : @simposiumtbmvertex
Line : @ojm7431j


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